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“The most unknown, unused, and unrecognized
tool of the human mind is the recognition that
attitude is always a choice."
— Mark Horton
“Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves
to recognize how good things really are."
— Marianne Williamson
[Classic post from 3-17-11]
I get to talk to a lot of business people, such as managers, owners, and other employees and vendors. I see a number of people whose disposition indicates they are under stress, that the workload is high, or there are problems surrounding them, and more.
I would love to have a magic wand and touch them and take all the load off and let them be free. Truth is that we all have that magic wand, and we can only use it on ourselves. It doesn't work on others. So, all I can really do is touch myself with the wand and have a nice day myself and maybe, just maybe, they will see my joy and want some of that for themselves.
In the Declaration of Independence, there is a phrase, “pursuit of Happiness." That's what I used to do as so many do: try to pursue happiness; seek it; chase it; long for it; do things that cause it, and so on. It's just that it never seemed to work like it was indicated that it would; i.e., that it can actually be caught.
The reality that I have found is that it isn't something outside ourselves, so it cannot be pursued. Instead, it is just a choice of choosing a joyous thought, then choosing some more and more again, and joy can be chosen any time and under any circumstances, as we desire once we realize that we have that power within us.
Workloads are workloads. They are not big and small except that we think that. There are no problems except that we think that.
Sometimes workloads may seem to overwhelm us. There are ways to find relief from that stress, and how choosing to view that positively is the only sure way toward relief. Other ways may be an escape, vacation, or other movements away, but they are always short-lived, and ultimately ineffective and unsuccessful.
A great way to begin is to find things to be grateful for right now. Make a list of the positive aspects of your life and the people in it. Choose a different view and it will have a different result, feeling, and experience. Then, practice it regularly.
It's Amazing How Good We Can Feel Under Trying Circumstances When We Choose To.
Spread Some Joy Today–Begin today to practice joy. First for a moment, then a minute, and so on. Pretty soon, people will wonder what happened.
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