Joy Has Entered The Building. All Is Well.

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To cause to remember. 

[Classic post from 6-10-16]

To cause to remember. Hmm. Maybe that means to put back together from where it was originally, as in re-member. So then, remind might then be to re-mind, or to put back to the mind that which was originally there. Makes sense to me.

So. . . . from my favorite Ask and It Is Given Perpetual Calendar by Abraham, Esther Hicks, from the June 8th message, I share this reminder to remember your original blessing:

Absolute alignment with 
your own Source Energy means 
that you know the following: 
You are free 
You are powerful 
You are good 
You are love 
You have value 
You have purpose 
All is well 

Maybe even read that over several times. I did. It encourages me to feel those things and to be those things and to let go of the things that are not those things. Perhaps it will do the same for you.

My Oh My That Feels Good. I Feel Loved Just Reading It. I Feel Renewed. Alignment Is The Best! 

Spread Some Joy Today–because joy is meant to be spread. And why the heck not? It is, after all, the same vibration as love and appreciation.

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