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 “We make the world we live in
and shape our own environment."
— Orison Swett Marden
[Classic post from 9-18-11]
More than anything else, I think that vacation is a state of mind. There may be a physical change in geography, but that is not what inspires us or relaxes us. It is the idea of laying down our work for a time and letting go that I think is most important and next, it is the feeling of feeling different.
One day a couple of months ago out on a walk, the smell of the air, the gentle breeze, the trees, breathing deeply, or perhaps all reminded me of the feeling of being on vacation. As I thought about that, I wondered why not go with that feeling and expand on it and feel it often so as to add more joy to my life. No matter how much joy we have, we can always handle more–just like love, right?
So, I started just relaxing in the experience of being out in the air on my walks and praising everything I saw and practicing feeling as if I hadn’t a care in the world, for in reality, at this moment, I don’t. It’s only when I think about my cares or when I am dealing with my cares that I experience cares. . . unless I choose otherwise.
I found that this was very helpful and FUN! So, rather than my typical Levi’s and shirt, I started wearing shorts and a tropical shirt, or t-shirt and felt even more on vacation. If I had a meeting with any of our team, I would dress that way and if I needed to go to a client, I would dress in casual business attire.
Another thing that is fun is to pull out some vacation photos and sprinkle them around my office so that I see them whenever I look around the room. On top of my desk, I have a photo of me in Maui, Hawaii on the drive to Hana standing by several banana plants with a bunch of green bananas, and I’m dressed in shorts, a t-shirt, and flip-flops. As I look at it, I am there again; albeit, somewhat younger externally (I’m still that age inside).
It’s the little things we do that can make a big difference in our momentary joys, isn’t it? Little things like deciding to feel better, to feel like I’m not concerned about anything, to feel that I am enjoying myself, to feel relaxed, to feel joy, are easy enough to do if we choose to, and by choosing to, we change our perception of our current reality. 
What A Great Benefit Thinking Can Be!
Spread Some Joy Today–Think your way into your own personal paradise. You don’t have to tell anyone, but surely they will notice that certain smile on your face.
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