Illumined Love

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Touched by Divine Love

My heart felt
an emptiness;
a strange sadness
at the deepest level,
I was an observer
on the side lines,
watching the years
of my life
pass by.

No amount of things
or doings
satisfied me.
Was this
all there is?

And then,
a miracle opened me
to wondrous possibilities.
In one holy moment
never to be forgotten,
divine illumined love
touched my heart.
As it passed through my heart
into my world
light permeated my being,
turning my world
into radiance;
into miracle.

For one shining moment
I knew.
This is it–all there is.
To love with God's Love.

Oh, please, God
touch my heart again.

— Donna F. Fletcher
Reflections of the Heart

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