If I Worry, Would It Help?

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“The difficulty with worry 
is that it does not disappear
with argument." 

— William Howard Taft 


[Classic post from 2-4-16]

I love this gem of a quote because in my life I have known myself to argue with worry, talk to worry, analyze my worries, regurgitate my worries, and contemplate my worries, and all to no avail. In fact, all that seemed to do was to make the worry or worries more pronounced. Then, sometimes we don't even realize that we are worrying about something, and so, our inner turmoil just feels like we're busy.

I watched a very good movie yesterday titled, Bridge of Spies with Tom Hanks. He defended an accused Soviet spy and asked him at least three times during the movie, “aren't you worried?" and the spy so very calmly asked, “would it help?"

What a perfect question. Would it help? If I worry, will I be served in that? Will it solve the problem? Will it change the situation or the outcome?

Here's a great question: When has it ever?

I'm sitting here laughing at all of this because I do see the absurdity of worry as a repair tool for positive change. Its silliness is laughable, and I very much loved the calm spy and his perfect questions in the face of very serious problems.

Just imagine the relief when our problems are mostly insignificant on the scale of problems. . .

Would It Help? 

Spread Some Joy Today–Here's a great question: Why the heck not?

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