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“You Choose It All." 

— Terry Minion 

[Classic post from 5-18-16]

I awoke this morning with the phrase above–you choose it all–in my being. It wasn't just in my head but seemed to permeate all of me. It was as if I was saying it and a benevolent deity was saying it at the same time. So, I knew what I would write this morning before I even stood up.

I will change the voice from third person to first as a way of accepting responsibility for it and to allow those who choose to do so, to see themselves in it.

I choose it all. I chose to come here. I chose this body. I chose this life. Everything that I experience is of my own choosing. I may not have always been aware that I am the chooser, but now I know for certain that I am and always have been the chooser.

I came to experience this experience–my experience. I came to live. I came to learn and become and unfold in my experience. Every single choice that I have made from the moment I arrived, and whether fully consciously or unconsciously, I chose them.

I chose what thoughts to think, how long to think them, thought by thought by thought. I chose how I would feel because I chose all of my thoughts and my thoughts created my emotion as a response to my thoughts as compared to my desires and to that of my Inner Being, or my always-connected-connection with All-That-Is.

The Universe, All-That-Is, God, the Oneness, or whatever name you might enjoy using to describe that which you know as well as I, is always wanting the best for me; always sees the best in me; always has my back; is always wanting that which I truly want.

When I move away from that which my Inner Being wants for me, and what I truly want for myself to remain whole, I feel negative emotion. It is better to say that I am out of alignment, or not a vibrational match to what I truly want. When I am feeling positive emotion, I am in alignment. It is the simplest and easiest way to know how to live an enjoyable life.

All I need in the way of guidance is within me. I need not look elsewhere. I am my own best guide in my own life experience.

It's okay that I have chosen misalignment from time to time. I get to choose. I got to experience how that felt. I got to experience that. I learned from that. It always held value for me. There was always a payoff for me. And, I have chosen it hundreds and hundreds of times throughout my life.

It's equally okay to choose alignment. I get to choose. I got to experience how that felt. I got to experience that. I learned from that. It always held value for me. There was always a payoff for me. And, I have chosen it hundreds and hundreds of times throughout my life.

There was a time in my life when sometimes I believed that choosing misalignment was better than choosing alignment. Somehow I felt that the payoff or the value was better, more meaningful. Often it may have come from the philosophy of others that influenced me until I chose otherwise.

I began choosing differently. I began liking alignment better than misalignment. They are both valid and perfectly acceptable choices, but I began to really appreciate feeling good.

I chose relationships with other people. Sometimes when I would meet someone, I had the distinct feeling that I have known them for all time. Some that I chose were of a very temporary nature and time, but I even felt that I knew them on a much deeper level.

I learned a lot from relationships with others. I learned that I didn't just choose them, but that they were choosing me. It was a co-creation. The more important thing that I learned about relationships with others is that because it was a co-creation, I could only choose for myself, and I could not choose for another. Believe me, I've tried very long and hard to change others or to have them do as I wanted when I wanted, but I can only choose for myself, and I cannot choose for them.

Of all the things that I have learned in my life experience, learning that I cannot choose for another was of immense importance for me to understand. I choose all for me, but only me. I certainly can influence the choices of others, but ultimately, their choices are their own.

The more I understood this as I was learning this, the better the relationships I had because I was allowing them to be as they chose for themselves, while I chose for myself, and however and in whatever way we were co-creating was good and perfect, and in the ways, we may have not been in alignment with each other, that was perfect as well.

The best way to a great relationship is, to honor equally in each other, the capacity and authority to choose for ourselves.

I have come to accept every single choice I have ever made, whether consciously or unconsciously. I accept everything that has come in my unfolding life. I accept all that seemingly was 'done' to me as if I didn't really choose it, because I did choose it; albeit, I may not have been paying attention to my choices.

Nothing happens to me without my permission. If it is in my life, then I chose it. I accept full responsibility for all of it–the so-called 'bad' along with all the so-called 'good.' I accept responsibility for any pain I attempted to spread to others, as well as any joy I've tried to spread. In fact, in the end, it is all good. Each road chosen exposes the scenery of that road, and each road chosen is ultimately experience.

And now, I come back to the beginning: I choose it all. Besides understanding this at a deep level, which I now do, the real value to me of this understanding is that I can appreciate what I've done with my life thus far. I now appreciate every choice that I've made and the results that came from those choices. I have no regrets. In fact, I celebrate my choices and whatever the outcome because I got to choose. Then, I got to choose again. Many times, I chose differently. Many times, I simply chose again.

All In All, I've Chosen It All. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by accepting your capacity for joy and allowing the expression of it in yourself when you're all alone, and sharing it lavishly with others regardless of how they choose to accept it or reject it. It's all good.

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