I Am Where I Am, And It Is Enough

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“The snow goose need not bathe
to make itself white.
Neither need you do anything
but be yourself."

— Lau Tzu

[Classic post from 12-20-11]

Recently, I was watching a DVD by Abraham/Esther Hicks and something came to my awareness with gusto. She said, “I am where I am and it is enough. It is enough because I am where I am." It was all about making peace with ourselves and where ever we may be at this point in time.

So much of the time, I might be focusing on my current reality, or what is happening right now. Maybe it is an issue, a problem, a not knowing what to do or such, and that has a tendency to cause me to be not pleased with my current state of affairs, or where I am at this moment. As I continue to think about these things in this place, they expand and become more and it won’t be very long on this path before I am overwhelmed with it, or worse.

The only way things are going to change for the better is as I have better feeling thoughts about them and where I am. As I do this, I find that the solutions come, or the problems seem to vanish with little or no effort from me other than changing my thinking about them.

As I beat myself up about where I am that perhaps I shouldn’t be or didn’t want to be, or didn’t ever want to be, I expand the problem. When I apply this affirmation that ‘I am where I am and it is enough, and it is enough because I am where I am,’ I begin to allow more pleasing thoughts to get me realigned and back on track toward making things better.

It is amazing how this works.

Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up, Just Put On A Happy Face. . . Seems Trite, But Is Powerfully True.

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