How Many Joyous Days Can We String Together?

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“Those who improve with age
embrace the power of personal growth
and personal achievement
and begin to replace
youth with wisdom,
innocence with understanding,
and lack of purpose
with self-actualization."
— Bo Bennett
[Classic post from 1-19-11]
I used to talk about learning plateaus. It seemed to me that I would be learning every day, building up experiences over some period of time, then, what would seem all of a sudden, I felt like I just had a big jump, and then I was on a whole new level of confidence, wisdom, skills, etc., and then begin building again toward the next plateau. I never knew when, or how much time these plateaus would take to be noticed or realized, and it seemed like it was sometimes months, other times maybe even years.
Something I’ve noticed recently is that these plateaus are beginning to come more frequently and with less time in between. I’m not sure what that means, but this I do know: it is way cool and fun and exciting at the same time.
Well, you might have already guessed, I had one today. I’ll tell you, today I felt dang near-invincible it was that much fun. It started early this morning with a truck training class at a dealership. I’ve given this class at least a couple of hundred times to well over a thousand people. I know it by heart very well. It is a two-and-a-half-hour class that is full of great information. Today, I changed it up a bit and spent more time in certain areas, and didn’t even cover other areas. I think it actually worked better, and what I learned from that told me to cut the class at least in half regarding the material, and maybe even break it up in more pieces. But, that’s not the main thing to share.
What I want to share is that when you do a thing often enough and you know what you’re doing and do it well, the confidence level continues to increase. In addition, you can pay more attention to what is going on in the class and less to what you are doing. This alone yields more insight. But, that’s still not the main thing.
So, as I do this class, even with some time in between, I still find it very exciting and fun and I do everything I can to show that in my body language and my voice, and actions. After class, we went out on the lot to look over trucks and point out features on each one. Everywhere I walked on this large lot, I walked with enthusiasm and purpose and determination, and confidence. It was absolutely joyous! What a thrill. To top it off, the sun came out today after over a week of overcast. What could be better?
That’s the main thing I wanted to talk about: the feeling; the joy; the fun; the enthusiasm; the learning; the thrill; the excitement. I was hot and loving it and I think we all need to do that as often as it is possible to have it happen. Don’t you? A day like today can very easily overshadow several off days.
Let’s Challenge Ourselves To See How Many Joyous Days We Can String Together! It’ll Be FUN!
Spread Some Joy Today–There is nothing quite like loving what you are doing–even if it is just for today.
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