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“The human condition:
lost in thought."

— Eckhart Tolle

[Classic post from 9-12-12]

I’ve talked about learning and practicing patience and how transformative that can be, as it has been in me. Part of that practice is being in the moment, which as we are all expert thinkers, is an ongoing challenge because as we are thinking, we are not experiencing the moment, but some past or future one.

One of the things that Eckhart taught me to help me practice is so simple, and it is just to begin immediately paying attention to my breathing, and even purposeful breathing. I have begun using this technique a great deal whenever I find my mind wandering through thoughts and projected scenarios. It is so helpful because as I do this, my thinking stops for that moment, and as I continue, I am calmer, more relaxed, and without problems.

How many times I’ve gotten in my truck, started down the road, made a few turns, and then realized that I was on auto-pilot and had no intention of going where I was going. I wanted to go left and I went right and I did it because I’ve done it many times and it is almost habitual, but the bigger reason is that I was lost in thought. Sound familiar?

Now I have a tool to help me recapture many of the moments that have been zipping by without notice because I was lost in thought. That tool is to immediately pay attention to my breathing. It is almost stupid simple, and it works every time. It’s fascinating.

Today on my way to a meeting, traveling on the road, on to another meeting, there were many times I used this technique and it instantly brought me back to that place where I am just experiencing life and there are no problems. No bills, no worries, no issues, no problems. I like it there.

Enjoying The Moment.

Spread Some Joy Today–When someone is talking to you today, telling you a story, just pay complete attention to them and what they are saying. Give them your undivided attention.

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