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I think there is no better resource to learn to Love ourselves be In Love with ourselves than the late Louise Hay of Hay House Publishing. She wrote so many books on this subject and they all are powerful. Some of the titles are How To Love Yourself, Heal Your Body, Love Your Body, Mirror Work, Life Loves You, You Can Heal Your Life and many more. I learned so much about Loving myself in her book, Love Your Body. Many of us have a tendency when looking in the mirror or looking at a photo of ourselves to look for the potholes. We know them from the inside, so we seek recognition of them on the outside. Look at those bags under my eyes, my eyelids are so droopy, those pores are so big, that whitehead shouldn’t be there, and I want it gone, and this list is virtually endless. Louise taught me to begin praising myself and the individual parts of me until now as I walk by a mirror, I find joy and send Loving thoughts back at my reflection along with gratitude for that which I am in my physical body.

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