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“The solution to pollution is dilution. 
It is very logical that 
if a chemical is bothering you, 
you should increase the flow of good air 
to dilute the level of the chemical." 
— Sherry Rogers 

[Classic post from 5-12-16]

Yesterday I was briefly talking with a friend about my exciting learning experience the day before, which continued into yesterday, and today.

I told him that I used to be in Shaklee, a multi-level company that started with one product in 1956. When I was introduced to Shaklee in late 1980, I found myself listening to a lot of cassette tapes about business in general and multi-level marketing more specifically. In fact, this is where I first heard one of my early mentors, Jim Rohn, speak.

I was sharing with my friend something I heard Dr. Forrest Shaklee say on a tape. He said, “the body can throw off a lot of worthless junk, but it can’t get value from something that it doesn’t receive." He was referring to the value of good food and high-quality food supplements, of course. But, this quote stuck with me.

As I was relating to my friend about the excitement of my learning, I related this story and how it relates exactly to how in our world of so much contrast and so often negativity, that we can let so much of that bounce off us and not leave us damaged, but if we don’t feed ourselves with the positive, uplifting and inspiring things, we will not receive the value of that.

Think of a lake that becomes stagnant and polluted. Then think of several streams of freshwater feeding the lake, keeping it healthy and clean.

Every single day of my life for so many years now, I have fed myself a number of positive, uplifting, engaging thoughts and ideas that serve to dilute the pollution of the negativity that so abounds in our world. It makes all the difference in my life. In fact, I have ordered up such a course of this as to be the main diet of my healthy mind and attitude about life. I’m reading, listening to audiobooks, looking at uplifting videos, receiving many newsletters and daily quotes too. Even more than this, I carefully chew what I receive, swallow, digest, and regurgitate it for my own benefit of translation into my own language, as it also benefits others in the sharing.

Yesterday, I was watching a little bird feeding some little ones who could fly but they were still holding on to mom feeding them. They were on the ground where I had put some birdseed and this mom was feeding four youngsters. How appropriate for the late afternoon of my day to continue to relate to feeding myself and others with good seed.

Only You Can Ensure You’re Getting Good Nutrition By Adding The Supplements Your Body And Mind Needs. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by getting excited about a life of more and more joy.

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