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“You can study gravity forever 
without learning how to fly."
— Shawn Achor 

[Classic post from 6-13-16]

I think that often there are so many more reasons that a thing or an idea won’t work, that we may have a tendency to justify that to ourselves, and to others, for our own comfort. That could be called a success if one wanted it to be called that. I successfully didn’t do that because. . . It doesn’t make any sense because. . . and then there’s the all-time classic: If God wanted people to fly, He would have given us wings. It is just as easy to say that if God wanted me to _________, He would have given me ________. More justification, for sure, but with a much higher authority. . .

People who fly study flying. It’s not that they don’t know about gravity. They understand gravity pretty well. After all, it is prevalent in our world. But they don’t let gravity keep them down. Instead, they find ways to work with gravity, along with other things like wind.

Of course, should I consult other people about my idea of flying, most, if not all of them will remind me of gravity and that what goes up, must come down, and if God wanted us to fly, He would have given us wings.

And now, flying is commonplace.

Or, is it?

Maybe it’s not even about flying at all.

And Maybe It Is. Follow Your Own Instincts And Dreams. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting go of strife today. Who needs strife anyway? Get rid of the struggle too. Just chill.

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