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Yesterday, I offered a unique way of looking at the idea that we have one life to live from Bashar. Here is another. There are so many gems in this book, Bashar: Blueprint For Change.

First, Bashar defines the idea of excitement and then what it means in our lives.

“Excitement–what you feel to be the physical sensation, or the knowledge, the knowingness of yourself that is translated as excitement–is your physical translation of the vibratory energy that represents the path you chose to be in this life." So when something excites you more than anything else, that excitement is there to tell you three things:

First: this is who and what you are. The circumstance and the situation that comes into your life at any given moment that excites you more than any other is letting you know, “This is who you are: act on it!"

The second thing it tells you is that because it is who you are, if you act on it with trust and conviction, it will be the thing that can be the most effortless thing you will ever do–because it is who you are. You are being yourself. And so of course it will be effortless. The only time you have struggle and pain is when you are trying to be someone you are not, again fighting the flow, buying into the definitions of what other individuals say you ought to be.

The third thing that tells you when a situation comes along that is more exciting than the other is: this is the thing that if you do it, will support you in the most abundant way to allow you to keep doing it in a more expanded, ever spiraling way. Therefore you will automatically be able to attract the opportunities to allow you to do the thing that excites you the most."

I love how Bashar sees things in a very simple and yet unusual manner. Very inspiring.

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