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 “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
— Albert Einstein
“Pain is inevitable.
Suffering is optional."
— M Kathleen Casey
[Classic post from 4-10-11]
It is a strange and wonderful thing. The older I get, the more calm I find myself in the middle of difficulty. I find a certain joy in that calmness that I call calm confidence. If something upsets me about a situation, it is rare, and even then it is very quickly changed into seeing the opportunities that exist that are perhaps initially hidden from view.
I was thinking today on the way to an appointment how perfectly things seem to be working out more regularly than I would have imagined. I am now beginning to look at a situation that is not to my liking or a sudden change of some kind, and instead of wondering why it happened, what caused it, and so on, I am opening up to looking for the blessings instead. What is interesting is that as I do this now, I begin seeing many blessings and then I begin praising the problem because of the blessings it brought that I may not have known of otherwise.
Something happened about a month and a half ago that seemed like a burden at first, but as I began working with it, blessing after blessing came out of it and I was able to not only improve our product but processes as well. I think it was almost a transformation of sorts. I think it was that profound. And, I am still finding blessings in it as we speak. As I thought about that situation today, I all of a sudden felt that everything was unfolding perfectly.
As I practice looking for all these blessings in events and circumstances that at first would seem to be under the heading of adversity, I find joy and calm confidence that is a wonderful experience. It is even becoming fun and I am looking forward to what opportunities will be coming next. What a difference!
“The Robbed That Smiles, Steals Something From The Thief." — William Shakespeare
Spread Some Joy Today–Seek the blessings that are all around. They love to hide in quantity in problems.
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