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“The principle part of faith is patience."

— George MacDonald

Often we may think of patience as a lack of action, but I see patience as action as in a commitment, belief, faith, solidarity. Some might think of patience as a weakness, and I see it as strength. Indeed, I see patience often requiring great strength.

When we want something so much, or we have worked for a long time to have something come to a certain circumstance of fruition, it is our impatience at work that can undue a lineage of effort and care that brought us to this place that we are now. In our rush to make it happen, this is where the decisions can go awry. Staying the course, with patience and conviction that it will come true is the best course. When the time is right, the inspiration to move will be so clear and feel so good that there will be no doubt about its correctness. When the time is right, doors will open, things and circumstances will change to bring about the clarity we’ve been seeking.

When we feel rushed whether, from the outside or the inside, it is up to us to renew our goals or intentions in order to add more clarity and then remind ourselves that our faith is put into action by our patience in the belief that it will come as we have imagined.

Demonstrate Your Faith – Have Patience!

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