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“You cannot get–cannot get!–
a negative result from a positive application."

— Bashar, Darryl Anka

[Classic post from 2-23-16]

I was re-reading a short bit from Bashar: Blueprint For Change, and this stood apart for me from page 162:

“You have created convenient compartments in which you can place things that for some reason you have been taught are dangerous to look at. . . Why? It's only a portion of you. There is absolutely nothing! you could ever! discover about yourself that cannot be applied in a positive way. Oh yes, you can discover many things and apply all of them in negative ways, but is that what you prefer? Yes or no?

If it's no, then why not assume you have just as much power to decide how to apply what you discover about yourself, just as much power to decide to do that in a positive way, as you have always had in a negative way. You can apply anything you discover in a negative or a positive way. Why not choose to understand that you only prefer to apply it in a positive way; and that you will therefore only get a positive result out of that application. You cannot get–cannot get!–a negative result from a positive application."

He adds this reinforcement: “Let me say again: you cannot experience any reality of which you are not the vibration. If you have a reality you don't prefer, then it's because you are buying into a belief system that supports that reality. It's as plain and simple as that. You have a saying for it: “What you put out is what you get back. What goes in is what comes out." You cannot get the opposite effect; you can only get an equal, corresponding reaction. If you put a positive idea out, positive preferential trust, you can only get a positive reality back. If you put a negative idea out, which you call doubt, you can only get hesitation, guilt, frustration, and all the other symbols your society has created to represent negative trust."

Wow. That is worth reading a few times…

What You See Is What You Get. . . . But, Embracing It Is Totally Up To Us. We Get To See As We Choose, As Long As We Choose.

Spread Some Joy Today–by enjoying yourself.

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