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“When all your desires are distilled;
You will cast just two votes:
To love more,
and be happy." 

— Hafiz 

[Classic post from 2-25-16]

Every single thing, and every combined thing that we may want in life, we want because in the getting of it, we think we will be happier, feel better, feel more respected, feel more loved, enjoy ourselves more, enjoy those around us more, feel good about ourselves, feel valued, and a host of other like feelings. Yet, all of these seem to make obvious Hafiz’s simple end result of love and joy. 

What is really cool about understanding this is that we can choose those feelings any time we want. Though getting to some point, achieving some desire, becoming something more, may bring feelings related to happiness, joy, love, peace, empowerment, we can allow them, generate them right now. 

Here’s an idea: Deciding to experience joy and love on the journey we are on and whatever happens is good and whatever doesn’t happen is good. Hmmm.

That Seems To Make The Journey The Real Destination. Which It Is, Of Course! 

Spread Some Joy Today–It’s all good. You’re soaking in it!

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