Embracing The Struggle

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“Once all struggle is grasped,
miracles are possible."
— Mao Tse-Tung
“Life is a struggle,
but not a warfare."
— John Burroughs
[Classic post from 2-16-11]
After so many years of life and study, it is only within the last year that I have realized something profound to me. In fact, it is so profound, that it is life-changing.
It is a common belief and is quoted in so many ways in such phrases as, “there is no gain without pain," and “you must struggle through in order to achieve success," that struggle is an undesirable thing to experience and that it always includes some kind of negative feeling, such as pain or otherwise unpleasantness. Heck, I was taught that crap early on and throughout my studies by many experts, until just recently.
What happened recently is that I began to see the struggle as desirable and pleasant. Yes, that is correct–desirable and pleasant. It would even be so much better to get rid of the word struggle completely because of its negative connotation, and just use the word contrast instead.
It is in the contrast that we learn and grow the most because the contrast shows us what we don’t want so we can then know what we do want which then when focused on, produces an improved result.
So, if it were not for the struggle or contrast, the improved result would never be. Whether it is in business or in our personal lives, sports, or whatever, it is all the same. The struggle or contrast is a critical step in the solution, not a problem. When viewed this way, we can then choose to look at it as a joyous event! We can get excited about it and even look forward to it.
No more fear of having to deal with the struggle, now I see it with joy and understanding. It has revolutionized the way I look at growth in business and my personal life as well. I am flat excited about this new learning experience. It helps so many things fall into place that before didn’t make too much sense. It now makes perfect sense.
I share this that you may find such joy in your struggles.
Spread Some Joy Today–by focusing on opportunities instead of problems. What you call them makes a great deal of difference.
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