Doing Nothing

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“Muddy water is best cleared 
by leaving it alone." 
— Alan W. Watts 

[Classic post from 3-5-16]

Many times, no matter what we seem to do in thinking or in activity, clarity eludes us. It seems like we just keep stirring it up and the more we think about it or the more we try to do about it, the messier it becomes.

It is in these times and situations that by simply leaving it alone for a period of time, that when we come back to it, clarity is upon us and the situation is resolved.

It seems as if we did nothing but go away and then come back later. We didn't do anything, and yet, clarity came.

It's Amazing To See What Can Be Done By Doing Nothing At All. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by taking good care of yourself. Enjoy yourself today.

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