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“Out of the recognition 
of who we really are 
comes the desire to seek 
that which is uplifting." 
— David R. Hawkins 

[Classic post from 5-1-16]

Continuing David's quote above from his wonderful book, Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender, “Out of it arises a new meaning and context for life. When that inner emptiness, due to lack of self-worth, is replaced by true self-love, self-respect and esteem, we no longer have to seek it in the world." 

Though this may well be where we want to be–in perfect acceptance of ourselves, and consequently of those around us, seeking that which is uplifting in the fullness of who we really are–we may be making excellent progress on this journey and yet sometimes feel like it's not happening, or that it's not happening quickly enough.

David adds, “To keep track of progress, many people keep a chart of their gains. This helps to overcome the resistance that usually takes the form, “This isn't working." It is common for people who have made enormous gains to claim, “It just isn't working." We have to remind ourselves sometimes what we were like before we started this process." 

I sometimes have felt, “so near, yet so far," and then I realize (remember) that the best part of life is not any sort of destination, but the journey itself. I have arrived at so many destinations only to find that before even arriving, I've already created a new destination. Without desire, there is no life–or certainly, no need for life in this form. It is contrast around us causing our desires and then moving toward them in some way that is life-giving.

We all need encouragement. We love it when others encourage us, but I think what is even more important is being encouraging to ourselves. Celebrating success. Celebrating progress. Celebrating positive change. Celebrating life. It is certainly one aspect of “true self-love, self-respect and esteem."

So, wherever you are on your journey, take a bit of time and energy to celebrate the distance you've traveled, the hills you've climbed, the progress you've made from where you were at one time to where you are right now. Though the journey still stretches out in front of all of us, it's encouraging to periodically look in the rearview mirror.

Do A Little Dance. Make A Little Love. Get Down Tonight! 

Spread Some Joy Today–because YOU deserve it.

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