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“Decrease your willingness 
to endure discomfort." 
— Abraham, Esther Hicks 

[Classic post from 1-7-16]

Abraham continues the above comment at a different time with this bit of wisdom:

“No matter what the issue is, don't try to justify why you don't feel good. And don't try to justify why you should feel differently. Don't try to blame whatever it is you think the reason is that's keeping you from feeling good. All of that is wasted effort. Just try to feel better right now." 

If we pay attention to what we are saying when we are not feeling good, whatever the reason, we will find all manner of justification, much argument as to the rightness of our point of view, along with much wrongness of the other, whomever they may be at the time; e.g., the government, the terrorists, the boss, the spouse, the neighbor, the taggers, and the list is endless. We can argue why we should feel bad about this and that with wonderful alacrity. But, it must be noted that we are arguing for why we are feeling bad, angry, down, depressed, unhappy. We argue for our limitations.

What we really want, however, is to feel good, to feel better, to get back to enthusiasm for life, and joy. Yet, no matter how intelligent our argument for why we are feeling bad, feeling good is not on that path. We must stop traveling down that path as soon as possible. By stopping in our tracks, at the minimum, we have slowed the momentum of our negative feelings, and by turning toward things that we are certain to feel better, we lead our lives where we want to go on purpose. No more does our negative feelings, justifications, arguments rule our lives, but we rule by our awareness of what is really going on here. 

Rather than run from the negative feelings, by becoming aware and excited about what they are telling us–that we are feeling bad–we can take that information for the real value that it demonstrates and make changes toward feeling good again.

Sometimes it might seem hard to move away from the negative feelings. An escape can help in these cases. Sleep is a good way. Take a nap. It's amazing what fifteen or twenty minutes of zoning out can do to help us get our control back.

As Abraham stated, “No matter what the issue is, don't try to justify why you don't feel good, just try to feel better right now." Even a little at a time, but in the direction of feeling better and better. As we practice (remember that saying, practice makes perfect?), we will find it easier and faster to pivot and get back to feeling good again.

Isn't That What We All REALLY Want–To Feel Good? 

Spread Some Joy Today–We can't do it from feeling powerless, depressed, or even angry, but we can find joy in the fact that we now know that we want joy and begin again to move toward it.

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