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“Having a place on the Internet
is about having something to say.

The questions to consider are these:

What do you want to say?
How do you want to say it?
And of equal importance,
how do you want people to receive it.”
— Terry Minion

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I’ve learned so much about the Internet by choosing to own an Internet business, Upward Trend, beginning in January 2008. In a couple of months, it will have been in existence for 10 years. Amazing to say the least, especially if you knew the back end stories.

The reason I mention this is the theme of this Daily Inspiration is how we decide what to show others on the Internet. It’s telling in many ways.

The questions above are perfect to ask a potential client. Basically, what do they want to achieve by having a website, social media, etc.? Everyone wants to be number one on Google, of course, but they don’t understand how that comes to be. I get emails from people offering to get me to number one on Google all the time. Really, it is easy. Open your wallet and part with a lot of money. Yet, that isn’t really what works on the Internet in the end. That is just a carrot that is held out there for fun and games.

I was looking at a commercial truck company’s website this morning. I’m asking myself what they are trying to say. They have a lot to say, but it is as if it is a machine talking to a machine. There are no people. Well, I take it back there is one video of a person talking, but no other people.

It is people who do business with people in most businesses, but somehow so many were sold a bill of goods that they can be like Amazon. If you were to talk about how much experience your company had and how long the employees have been there, how much you care about giving great service, how vast your empire of parts and inventory is, and not have any people on the site, what is that saying?

What do you want to say? How do you want to say it? And, how do you want it received?

Take social media, for example. What do you want to say and to whom? How do you want to say it? Do you want to be divisive or inclusive? Promote fear or love? How do you want it to be received? Want people to be uplifted or dejected?

All of this is life. The Internet is simply a tool for communication. How would you talk to someone in person? That’s a good way to talk on your website then. Are you trying to make a connection? Then show some people to connect to and not a form. Want to tell people about your company, put up some great short videos of a person talking to a person (the viewer).

Sales, service, building a business, marriage, all relationships all come down to the most basic thing whether on the Internet or in person. It is communication. How am I communicating? What do I want to say? How do I want to say it? How do I want the other to receive it?

First Be A Real Person Sharing With Another Real Person. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by sharing your heart. By sharing who you really are.

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