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“All riches have their origin in mind.
Wealth is in ideas–not money.”
— Robert Collier
“Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps,
down new roads, armed with nothing but their own vision.”
— Ayn Rand
I’ve been writing about change in the last few pieces, and how those changes–sometimes sudden, sometimes not–affect our lives and work. Hidden inside every problem or seemingly (at first) negative circumstance, lies boundless opportunity, and if we can really come to not just acknowledge this as a possibility or a fact, but as a joyful event that always brings joy, though it may only be a matter of looking for it, there is nothing on earth to stop us.
Even though I know this, I haven’t yet reached the joyous expectation phase immediately, but I am getting good at it and will have it mastered soon enough. And, the best way to get good at it, and approach mastery of it is to practice going over the positive aspects of where you are now, and where you want to be, while completely (as much as possible for now) ignoring the situation that is causing the change.
So, today, I was driving on the freeway to an early morning appointment with an existing client and another appointment with another client right afterward. As I’m driving, I’m thinking about the changes happening right now, and I feel myself looking back a bit. . . and all of a sudden, it hit me! Just three years ago, last month, the business that my partner and I have built was just an idea. It was just a thought. It barely existed in my mind as a complete thought. I wasn’t sure how it would come together, when or any other material factor. I just wanted it to happen, and the funny part of that is that I wasn’t even sure what it was exactly, I just knew approximately what I wanted. It was just an idea.
When I expressed this idea to someone, the ball began to roll without my even realizing it. In fact, within 50 days of sharing the idea, the opportunity presented itself in reality. It took my breath away for a second or two literally, then it began to sink in slowly as a new reality. The business was born. I didn’t even have a partner at that time except a name written down in a notebook along with my choices of other key team members I wanted on my team someday. Within 90 days of beginning, my partner came on board. It was just an idea. He was just an idea. It was all just an idea.
As I looked back for just a minute and realized it was just an idea only 3 years ago, I was overcome with the joy of the journey to where it is now, while at the same exact time looking forward with even more joy to where it is going and watching it unfold. Those are the kind of thoughts that are so powerful in helping you turn changing circumstances into boundless joy.
One a side note, be careful when you really decide what you want, because it might go from a thought to a reality much faster than you would have imagined.
I Am Wealthy Beyond Measure In Ideas!
Spread Some Joy Today–Make peace with where you are right now and learn to find joy in changing circumstance. Uncovering the joy in that change is so rewarding. Once you start down this path, I predict you will never, ever go back.
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