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“People who pressure you

usually deserve a “no.”

People who are patient with you

usually deserve a “yes.”

— Alan Cohen

I’ve been in sales as a career since 1972, yet we’re all in sales in one fashion or another. And, I love sales, and yet I cannot stand high pressure salespeople. I never learned those “twisting-your-arm” closes because they turned me off so much, so I avoided them thinking always that they weren’t really effective, or helpful. Then, later as a sales manager, I was a sales trainer and again, I never taught hard closing.

I’ve been to many seminars on sales and the closing of sales, and almost all of them turned me off. The way I’ve always seen it, is that if it turns me off, it will turn off my prospects too. If we need sales that badly, then we don’t have anything really worth selling. I have felt that way about everything I’ve been involved in selling, whether it was cars and trucks, business opportunities, websites and Internet marketing and more. Hard closes with pressure smacks of desperation to me.

Don’t get me wrong. This does not mean that I didn’t learn something about closing sales. On the contrary, I have and I ask for the sale. I present my point of view in hopes that the message resonates with my prospect. And, I do well. It is good to ask for the sale. It is good to have patience with people. Some people may come around many months or even years from now.

Whatever we sell, it is good to start with integrity and have faith in what you do and in your prospect and their needs as well. Treat people the way that you would want to be treated. The Golden Rule has always been a great philosophy. People like to do business with people they like and respect. It is also interesting that I like doing business with prospects that I like and respect.

If You’re Thinking Of The Other And Less Of Yourself, The Sales Process Is Much More Fulfilling And Beneficial.

Spread Some Joy Today–Love is a great place to sell from. The selling is easy and the living is great.

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