Daily Inspiration 9-8-10

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“The man who makes everything that leads
to happiness depend upon himself,
and not upon other men,
has adopted the very best plan for living happily.”
— Plato
If we allow others to determine how we will feel within ourselves, we have abdicated responsibility for our well being to people who may not give a rip about us. The pinball in the game of life, bouncing from one circumstance to another to another. Once in a while, there is a good rebound and some extra points, only to be flipped back and forth again.
If we instead create our own pleasure and happiness regardless of what is going on around us or who says what or who does what to whom, or what the paper says, or the news, or the parents, or the spouse, we will get what we want and need.
How you feel is not up to the neighbors, or the boss, the job, the school, the church, the parents, the kids, the weather, the economy, unless. . . you decide to give all your authority to them. That’s only input. You get to decide what to do with that input, including ignoring it completely.
You can feel as good or bad as you choose to feel in any time or situation.
I Choose To Be Happy–Regardless–And On Purpose!
Spread Some Joy Today–Interpret your day differently if you’re not feeling good all day. Life is good if you let it. So, let it. Start now.
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