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“No matter what my challenge,

I know I am loved.”

— Louise Hay

I know my own life and thoughts from a very young age until now. I know how they have changed and I have experienced emotional pain and despair. I have also known much joy and happiness, excitement and even fulfillment. I see myself in so many others and probably the biggest thing I have noticed in my own life, and through observance in other’s lives is something so simple and yet very complex as loving ourselves. I mean, really loving ourselves–unconditionally.

Have you ever felt and experienced unconditional love? It seems so common on earth to have felt love, but that love in all it’s myriad of shades, is so often conditional. It is conditional on circumstances; that is, things going well, others being in a good mood, we doing what is expected of us, and more. It is conditional based on timing. It is here today, and perhaps withheld or gone completely tomorrow. It is conditional based on societal selections, such as where we were born, what color we happen to be, our level of education, the color of our teeth, our behavior and interactivity with other people, following the rules, coloring within the lines, and so on.

Unconditional love is none of that. It has no condition whatsoever. There is nothing you can do to stop it from being there because it is always there. It is a love for all in all circumstances and situations. It matters not how you were born or who you have become. It is blind to all of that. It wants nothing except to love and takes no offense, and is not dissuaded by our rejection. It is waiting patiently–for and beyond a lifetime if necessary, or in the slightest moment, ready.

Now, just for a few moments today, think about being loved like that. Know that it is all knowing and all powerful and all loving. Know that the Creator of all that you see, and all that everyone else sees, hears, touches, smells, feels is that which is loving you 100% of the time, for all of your time in existence and that it never fails and never dims, and always pure and focused on you and your well-being. It is there to give you confidence, support, encouragement, joy, and connectedness. All you have to do is just open your heart and accept it and by doing so, that connection is now affecting how you view yourself, feel about yourself and treat yourself. You have no option except loving yourself unconditionally in the same way because in this connection, you and Source are one.

Continue to feel this today. Experience it. If you have a hard time with it, pretend. Where is your worry and concern now? It is gone! Where is your emotional pain now? It is gone! Where is your feelings of unworthiness now? You are fully and completely worthy! Where are all of your problems large and small now? They no longer exist! And, most important, where is your fear now? Fear cannot exist in unconditional love. It does not exist. No more fear. No more worry. No more pain. No more unworthiness. No more problems.

There is love. You are loved. Perhaps it is a love you have never really experienced before, but today you allow it, and it is so. With this love, is there anything that you cannot do? With this love are your choices limited to the lesser of multiple evils? With this love, you are all powerful and all loving.

Now Look In The Mirror And See That Gleam In Your Eyes. You Are Loved. No Matter What Anyone Else May Say, You Are Loved. Totally And Unconditionally.

Spread Some Joy Today–It would be impossible not to share that love today. Go forth and multiply!

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