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“Sooner or later we must realize there is no station,
no place to arrive at once
and for all.
The true joy of life is the

— Robert J

am only now, just in the past few years, late in life getting this quote and
getting this about my own life. I think it’s just fine that I am getting it now,
and I think that each of us will get it at different times in our lives. All
that is perfect.
much of my life I was focused on some destination, or the next destination. The
job, the promotion, the new employer, the new car, the first home, the second
home, and hundreds more. Sometimes I would read books about it, practice certain
things, change my mindset and much more, all done to get me closer to the all
important destination.
as I reached each one, it was good for a little while, then I naturally
wanted something else. It’s just the way we creators work. We see what we don’t
like, decide what we want and then march toward it. It’s all good.
difference now– and this really truly is a dramatic difference in my head–is
that I am enjoying the travel, or the unfolding, the excitement of what may come
next, what surprises I will find, a deliciousness about my enjoyment of life
that I can’t say I’ve ever experienced quite like this.
says above, ‘the true joy of life is the trip.’ I would change that just a
little dinky bit, but it will change the meaning a bit as well. I would say,
‘the true joy of life is the living of it.’
hold so much less meaning for me than ever before. Not that I don’t like things.
I do. It’s just that it is not they that are so important as they used to be.
Now it is being aware of living and enjoying my life, doing what I love to do,
being around people I want to be around, and staying as true to myself as I
possibly can. The destination is now general, allowing the unfolding to take me
somewhere I might not have imagined. And, it’s not only good, it’s

You Could Say I’m Now A Practicing Lifer!

Spread Some Joy Today–How important was that last thing? Maybe the daily
grind is more like the daily tasting. . .
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