Daily Inspiration 9-6-13

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“Travel as you will.

How far you want to
down a certain path

is a completely personal choice.”

— Albert K Strong

When I was young, I was taught to clean my plate. After all there were starving people in China and other places around the world. I was punished if I didn’t clean my plate, and I can remember some of them to this day, 50+ years later.

I have bought thousands of books and have even read a serious number of them, but the ones that I read all the way through were somewhat fewer. I didn’t tell anyone until now, but there is no one around to punish me for not completing these books except me, and I chose not to.

I walked away from my first marriage however reluctantly, but I consider it a success not a failure. Time proved that case as well.

Incredibly, I have left hundreds of things unfinished. . . or rather, a better way to say that is that I stopped when I had finished as much as I had the desire and willingness to endure.

Some I enjoyed to a certain point and then they were no longer enjoyable. Some started off on a different path after I was involved and I didn’t want to go there. Some were just too damn long for what needed to be said on the subject. Sometimes we grew in different directions.

There were hundreds of reasons for stopping. Who says that the end of a book has to be the end? Who says that we have to live together forever? Who says we have to be friends forever? Who are these authorities that tell us how we should behave?

I have accepted personal responsibility for what I do and when I choose to stop. I, alone, am the authority on this. No one can tell me otherwise. I choose.

So Be It. I’m Okay With My Choices. Life Is Good.

Spread Some Joy Today–Your joy will likely change. There is no need to leave joy behind when a change is made. Instead, leave the rest behind and follow your joy–wherever it takes you!

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