Daily Inspiration 9-6-11

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“We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make the world.”
“In the sky, there is no distinction of east and west;
people create distinctions out of their own minds
and then believe them to be true.”
— Buddha
We just had a long holiday weekend. This one signifying the end of summer and now it is time to go back to school and prepare for Halloween and Christmas because they do take more time and thought in preparation for the event.
Holidays can be fun, and they can be another reason for the season. I don’t get too excited about them anymore because, I suppose, that I don’t wait to enjoy my days, hours, minutes, moments. I am choosing now to enjoy them as they are and I’m having the time of my life now almost every day.
I talk to people who say TGIF, or Thank God It’s Friday. They look forward to Friday all week so they can go enjoy the weekend and a long weekend like this last one is joy upon joy, so they start planning on enjoying that weeks ahead. Or, they are planning and looking forward to the vacation, or some other event that brings them happiness and excitement. I used to do that as well, but in my case, when it got here, it was never quite as good as I hoped it to be. For over fifty years I looked forward to the escape of the weekend, vacation or other such event. No more.
Today is now Tuesday and I choose to have a ball, enjoy myself as much as I choose to, spread joy wherever I can and glow in the awesomeness of the things around me. I will choose to have a wonderful time working, doing things that help others and are a benefit to their business, and though sometimes the workload may seem full, I seem to find a way to enjoy it.
Today, I choose to be in awe of God and all that God has made for my enjoyment whether it is being out on a walk watching and feeling all that is around me, or whether I just look out my window at the blueness of the sky, and the wind tickling the leaves and branches of the trees.
Today, I choose to share my bountiful love with everyone today, whether I only think of them, or whether I meet them in person. Today, I also choose, and not necessarily in that order, to love myself by appreciating who I am and have become and am becoming and how everyone I have ever met has had some part in that which is me.
Today, I choose to live fully, enjoy pleasant and loving thoughts, bless those who choose to serve fear and pain, while moving away from their influence in a timely manner. Today, I choose to associate with uplifting people, uplifting news, in an uplifting world. Today, I choose my own world.
Today, I Choose.
Spread Some Joy Today–Choose today.
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