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“There is no reality except the one contained within us.”
— Hermann Hesse
When I say that we create our own reality, it seems to encourage argument from some who want reality to be this thing that everyone perceives exactly the same–the “it is what it is and that’s all that it is” concept, I guess. But, that is so easily disproved.
The harder someone argues against people creating their own reality, the more limitations and problems they bring into their lives.
Think about it. Two people see the same movie and saw different things. Two people live in the same neighborhood and one sees a crappy neighborhood and one sees a great neighborhood. Two people work at the same job doing the same tasks and one hates it and one loves it. Two people are listening to the lyrics of a song and one hears these lyrics and the other hears something different. One person sees the country going to hell in a handbasket, another sees a bright and awesome future. One person sees the glass half full another, half empty.
Truth is, we all see it differently and it is our own reality. My reality is that I like the neighborhood and the other persons is that they think it is crappy and can’t wait to get out. My reality is I love what I do and another’s, they can’t wait until quitting time and they wish they didn’t have to come back tomorrow.
We call these perceptions. That’s true. And, those perceptions are our reality. If two people looked at the same thing and saw and felt the same way, they would have a shared reality, but it is still their perception of it. The neighborhood is the neighborhood? No, it’s whomever is perceiving it.
Accepting the fact that we create our own reality is accepting responsibility for our lives and actions and our perceptions. As long as we do that, we must also allow others to have theirs. This is also freeing and taking responsibility. If we understand that perception is reality, then we also know that each is unique and so each will have a unique perspective and reality.
Reality isn’t. Our reality is.
We can keep it; we can adapt it; we can discard it for another,
but it is our own to do with as we please. . . or displease.
That’s Just The Way It Was Created. . . By Me.
Spread Some Joy Today–Having your own reality and perception is a given. You cannot do without it. What will be enlightening and bring joy today is to allow all others to have their own without you needing to control it or judge it.
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