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“There’s no more important
criticism than self-criticism. 

 And negative self-talk is hungry
for external corroboration. 

The remedy for negative self-talk, then, 
is not the search for unanimous praise
from the outside world. 

The remedy is
accurate and positive self-talk. 
Endless amounts of it.” 
— Seth Godin 

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[Classic post from 4-1-15]

I enjoyed a blog article by Seth Godin, from which the quote above was drawn. And I related to it immediately since most of my life no matter how positive someone might have thought I was, there was droning negative self-talk going on in my own head that until recently riddled my life with problems.

The day after receiving Seth’s blog post via email, I received another related blog post from Pam Grout. Pam is the author of 17 books and the last two are the best sellers, E-Squared, and E-Cubed, both of which I have enjoyed and shared with many others.

In her post, she told a story that reminded her of two magical words she uses in her life all the time, so I thought I would share her comments here. She calls it “The Two Magic Words That Can Change Your Life Forever:

“No matter what. No matter what is happening to you, it’s important to acknowledge that, “it’s okay.” 

No matter how you feel, “it’s okay.” No matter what you think, “it’s okay.” 

Most of us, instead of being “okay” with our lives, get all balled up with judgment and fear. We exhaust ourselves trying to make things different. 

Our thoughts emit an electrical charge. And when the thoughts are busy “not being okay,” we put up a roadblock to our good. 

“It’s okay” is the energy of love. So whatever is happening in your life, simply say, “It’s okay” and let the loving flow of the universe do the heavy lifting.” 

[See more about Seth www.SethGodin.com, and more about Pam at www.PamGrout.com

It’s All Okay. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by going with the flow and not swimming so hard against the current. Easy is okay.

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