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“Getting fit is a political act–you are taking charge of your life.”
— Jane Fonda
What is the measure of our determination? It certainly is not a goal. I set goals all the time and reset them and ignore them and rationalize why I am deciding something different today, and the list continues.
It is not the decision. The decision is necessary to begin, but after the decision is made, there is many times this wishy-washy land of excuse and forgotten appointments and laziness and the whole general pleasure (something I want to do now) versus. . . what was that decision again? Oh yes, that one. . . well. . . you know it was 100 degrees today and. . .
The measure of our determination could be our commitment. That’s a logical choice, but it won’t hold up in court. Commitments change with decision and goals and how ever we happen to feel in the moment. We like to think of commitment as something really strong, but it only sounds that way.
So, what is the measure of our determination?
It is WHY.
Yes, it is just why. The bigger the why; the stronger the why; the more personal the why; the more why’s in the why, the more determination is achieved.
I’ve been thinking. . . I need to lose 30 lbs. That thought will not help because I’ve been thinking that for years and I still have the 30 lbs., although it moves around a bit. What I need to have the 30 lbs. go away is strong enough why’s. In the last two or three days, I think I have found them, and now, this will be a test of my determination, won’t it? To see if my why’s will get me to the goal.
So, I’ve made a decision. Yes, I will do it. I’ve made a goal. By Thanksgiving. I’m writing out all of my why’s and I will keep them in front of me to remind me why I’m doing this when it would be so much better to be on the couch. I’ll keep you posted. Today is September 5th. That is about 90 days in round numbers. Just a few ounces per day, right? Easy. . .
Of course, all of this applies to everything in our life and business. It’s not the decision or the goal or the commitment–it’s having enough strong why’s.
I Have My Reasons, And The Stronger They Are, The More I Get What I Want.
Spread Some Joy Today–Got why’s? Make a list and keep it close. You’ll need it when the going gets a bit tough.
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