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“Careful where you point that thing!”

— Mike Dooley, plus a few hundred movies

I wanted to expand on yesterday. I do my best to share what I am going through or have learned personally in these Daily Inspirations. In addition, I can see by interacting, watching, and listening to others, that so much of what I’m going through, they are as well in similar ways.

The world’s communication tools, such as, radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet all seem to generally promote fear, whether potential or real, past, present or future. If you pay attention to the messages coming through for just a short time, the positive messages are so tiny in comparison to the negative ones, that one might think that this is how the world actually is. That is not even close to the truth, but it does seem that the negativity prevails or they think it sells, or we pay more attention because it is different from our ‘normal’ lives.

All of us want more positive, whether we call that success, more money, more friends, a better relationship, etc. Yet, all too often, as I know in my own life, I have spoken of what appears to be real while wanting something different. The conflict of that is like playing tug-o-war with ourselves. It’s a no win situation.

First, I had to become aware of what I was doing. Then, I had to change it whenever it came up again. Third, I chose to use affirmations, or positive purposeful messages to myself in order to affect the change faster and better.

I’ll give you a recent example. I was talking with a friend about some strange (and negative) financial situation our company experienced last month. Yet, that is not what I want. If I continue to talk about this stuff, I will attract more of the same. I know this, and yet I am still in the habit–and habit is the perfect word–of talking about ‘what is’ as if it helps. It doesn’t. It becomes a pity party, each of us exchanging a woeful moment or situation trying to see who had the worst of it for the grand prize.

What I should have said was how we closed five new clients and how what we do is making a huge difference for a lot of businesses and so on. Who really wants to hear about the negative stuff anyway? It’s not exciting enough for the media, and my friend really doesn’t want to hear it either.

Lately, as I become more practiced at this, I am catching myself and will stop mid-sentence sometimes, or I will add, ‘and yet, things are always working out for us,’ or something like that.

I need to ‘be careful where I point that thing,’ and by that thing, I mean my own focus of attention. If I want things to get better, and I do, then I need to put my focus on what is right, what is going well and keep it there. If something comes along that is not in that space, I need to ignore it, or acknowledge it ever so briefly like a blip on the radar, then turn my full and complete attention to what I want, or what is working.

As I practice this, I can see the benefits in my mind and in my current reality. It is the most amazing thing to learn and practice.

Somehow We Have Learned That It Is Normal And Okay To Talk About What Is Wrong Or Not Wanted, And At The Same Time That Talking About Nothing But Positive Things Is Arrogant. Time To Abolish That Thought.

Spread Some Joy Today–Be aware and be careful where you point your attention. Pay attention to more joy and more joy MUST follow.

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