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“You are where you are right now

because of the actions you’ve taken,

or maybe, the inaction you’ve taken.”

— Steve Maraboli

The last two days I’ve thought of many things and a lot of those thoughts were beating myself up for things I’ve not yet done, or haven’t started, or I’m not following through on. I want to lose weight and I keep putting it off and enjoying what I am eating. I was going to get x, y and z done, but I procrastinated, or took the day off and did none. These are just some of the ways I’ve always beat on myself.

Yet, today, I had a different thought while I was in the bathroom this afternoon. I thought that I am where I am. I am there because of my actions or lack of actions, just as Steve said. But, today, the thought that was different and uplifting was that it was perfect the way it turned out–that I’m perfect the way I am. I intended it to turn out this way and it turned out this way perfectly.

Now, certainly, I could have chosen different thoughts and had different outcomes, but today’s outcomes are perfect in and of themselves. I did it on purpose. I succeeded in creating exactly what I was wanting. All the other noise is just ego.

Just imagine, that everything you have chosen to do, regardless of the outcome was chosen on purpose and it is not only okay to be pleased with, but we should be since we intended it. What a different way we would act as a result.

We’re never too fat, we are what we have chosen. Or too skinny, or too anything. We make decisions every day and every decision lays us on a course and every course has a temporary end, or result. And, each of those is perfect and perfectly planned.

Why The Heck Not? It’s Sure Better Than Self-Inflicted Abuse.

Spread Some Joy Today–Create a perfect day for yourself.

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