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“How does one become happy? 

— Andy Dooley 

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[Classic post from 5-2-15]

Andy Dooley is funny and he says a lot of cool things in unique ways. He calls some of what he does, Spiritual Comedy. I like that phrase. I’ve been receiving his newsletters or emails for a long time now, and as I was looking through my volumes of quotes and notes, I ran across an Andy Dooley email received on May 25th, 2010. It was perfect when I first read it and it is perfect now, and so I thought I would share a good part of it with you today:

“How does one become happy? Ah, grasshopper!


I know that is too easy. Okay, let’s make it hard.

  • Meditate 2 hours a day on your head. 
  • Dissect and analyze your past. 
  • Attract your soul mate now and never fight. 
  • Lose 25 pounds and keep it off. 
  • Never get angry or upset. 
  • Manifest everything you want, when you want it. 

Am I making my point? Don’t make it hard to be happy.

Don’t have a cow!

Okay, let’s make it easy.


How? Change your FOCUS. Focus is power.

If you focus on what’s wrong, you will find it everywhere and feel it. It will grow like mold on bread! Past, present or future, you’ll find it!

If you focus on what’s right, you will find it everywhere! You will feel SO MUCH BETTER! You might even feel HAPPY! It will grow like a puppy.

FOCUS on what’s working in your life.
FOCUS on how far you have come.
FOCUS on your ability to think, focus, feel and attract.
FOCUS on someone or something you love.
FOCUS on puppies playing with a toy.

DECIDE 2 BE HAPPY NOW! If all else fails, visualize a flying cow!”

Here’s A Great Question: What Would You Love To Focus On? 

Spread Some Joy Today–by focusing on joy and enjoying the moments.

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