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“When we release expectation
and experience appreciation,
all the moments of our lives
become openings and opportunities.”
— Kristi Nelson

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Woo-hoo! Today’s post is number 2,921 and marks the 8th anniversary of the beginning of these CTS Daily Inspirations. The first published post was on September 29th, 2009. What a fascinating journey this has been through these little expressions of intended upliftment. This has always been the intent.

After all, it is titled, Daily Inspiration, and what is magical about this is that it has kept me on track of doing the best I could at the time to be as inspiring as I could. Many times I might have had to stop and start over because I was wandering away from the theme. As I reflected on the theme of to inspire, even a little, I would come back.

This has been a growth journey for me, expanding my own knowledge, awareness, and expertise as I found ways to express my learning and experimentation in my own life on the page.

I don’t know how long I will continue to do this every day, but I have found that committing to doing this daily has been inspiring and encouraging to me. I love getting comments and emails from some readers and I met people I had not known before as I found that they were readers. That is a wonder, really.

Of all the themes that I have written about, the quote above eludes to the most written about: appreciation. I have learned to be an appreciating person by practicing appreciation. Of course, that is true of all the themes. As I practice them, they become me. Another big one is patience. There are so many opportunities virtually every day to practice patience, and as I practice being patient, I become a patient person.

Of course, the theme that overrides them all is to love. To love ourselves. To love one another. To love what you do. To love just for the heck of it. To love. To love. To love. And, then love some more. It is absolutely the same vibrational stance as appreciation.

For however long your journey with me is or has been, I appreciate you as a traveling companion. I celebrate all that this effort has brought me, and I celebrate any little tidbit this generosity has brought you.


Spread Some Joy Today–by re-membering your love.

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