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“Take care what words you speak

that follow “I am.”

In so speaking

you create your life.”

— Alan Cohen

Yesterday, I wrote about affirmations and how I’ve come to change my thinking about them and find their power. I want to continue a bit with that subject here.

In today’s way of talking, we often take the extremely powerful, “I am,” and change it to “I’m.” It has the same power but sure sounds different.

Ever heard people say in real life that you know, or on TV and in the movies, such things as these:

I’m a loser.

I’m always getting in trouble.

They’re always against me.

I’m sick and tired of. . .

‘m worried about ______.

I’m tired. I need a rest.

Then there are similar ones that don’t actually say I am or I’m, but imply it:

I can’t afford it.

They’re out of my league.

I hate having to go to work.

Thank God it’s Friday.

 hate Mondays.

I need a raise.

I need a vacation.

I need a drink.

I want more money.

It’s too expensive.

Prices have gone through the roof.

I hate Wal-Mart, but they’re the cheapest.

There are hundreds or even thousands of other such remarks that we often don’t pay any attention to, or that are commonly shared with other people, thereby finding agreement and increasing the power of the above affirmations. Yes, these are affirmations. They’re just not positive ones. Often, we think these are normal and to say the positive ones is strange and abnormal. Start using positive ones and some may say, “Oh, you’re one of those New Age people, aren’t you?”

So often when we’re saying things like the list above, our bodies are tense, we may even grind our teeth, there may be anger. All these are visible signs of the power of thought and by feeling it, we get the indication that we would rather feel better. And, the way to that result is by changing the thing being stated or observed which will tend to have a more positive feeling in our body as well as our mind. If the positive affirmation is so radical a change that we don’t and can’t now believe it, the negative feelings will persist. Sometimes, or at least it is with me, I need to make the changes in smaller steps so that I can believe enough of it to admit the possibility.

In doing the small steps to change, I don’t have a list of 20 affirmations. Right now, for this time, I am focused on just two. One that I am using many times a day is, “things are always working out for me!” And, believe it or not, they are, and the more I say it, the more I mean it, and the more I mean it, the more it is true. The next is “I am a money magnet. Money comes to me from the most interesting places!” I love how this makes me feel. You know, many of us have a tendency to limit the sources of money coming to us; that it has to be income, or we have to work for it, or exchange something tangible for it, or inherit it, and so on. But, money can come from the most interesting places and methods. I often find this working for me in trying to give money to someone for a bill or something and them saying that I don’t owe anything. It’s really kind of interesting.

For your enjoyment of playing with these ideas, I highly recommend a book by Louise Hay, titled, Meditations to Heal Your Life. I have it on my Kindle and will often peruse some of the very short one page “chapters” and I always come away feeling good, and often inspired within.

Change Is Best And Easiest When It Is Many Shades Of Gray Instead Of Night And Day.

Spread Some Joy Today–Injoy your day. Be in joy as much as you can.

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