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“They say:
Use it or lose it.
And, I say:
As I choose it, I use it.
There’s a big difference
don’t you think?”

— Albert K. Strong

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You’ve got the power. I’ve got the power. We’ve all got the power. As we are choosing–and we cannot help but be constantly choosing–we are making use of our greatest power. That power is, of course, the power of choice. We choose our perspective. We choose our thoughts. We rise above and manage our lives or our ego does it for us without any effort. We choose all of that, and so much more.

As we allow ourselves to be controlled in all manner of ways, we relinquish our power to those people, ideas, laws, rules, and agreements. Many of these agreements have been agreed to for our entire lives. We were taught them from the earliest of ages, and unless we wander purposefully away from those agreements, they remain intact. And yet, we always have the power to accept, continue, or change as we make use of our power of choosing. We are always choosing, though we may be choosing the same things over and over again.

For us to change, for any change, these agreements must be examined, questioned, and tested for continued relevance.

A few days ago, I mentioned how global, or what we call big things are often seen as too hard for us to do anything about. We may wait for the world to change, expect others to take charge, push it off onto our government, or big business, or the United Nations.

One of these is the issue of global warming, which is such a soft phrase way of saying that we are destroying our protective ozone layer in many ways, and there is a lot of focus on carbon dioxide, although there are other factors that are more potent. Is this issue too big for an individual to have any affect? Absolutely not. We all have the power, or at least, so much more than we may now imagine.

I didn’t realize this power as I stated when I began this series of posts last Friday. I do now. All of a sudden, it came home to me that I’ve had it all along, but I was doing as so many of us do, waiting on the world to change. Some things I could control and so many other things seemed completely out of my control.

Then, I saw a phrase that really struck me right between the eyes that I read in a Paul Selig book where it was said, “you are not separate from your environment.” This phrase immediately permeated my entire being.

I watched a documentary on Netflix within days of reading this. It was titled, What the Health. I realized that my long, long history was now being examined by me and that if I were to live in my highest values, I had to change. I had the power to choose. I had the power to have a positive effect on global warming personally.

I chose to change my eating habits and become a vegan, leaving all meat, fish, dairy, and eggs behind, creating an immediate positive effect on the environment, and so I would find out later my own health. After 67 years of eating meat at almost every meal, being an egg lover, butter advocate, and more, I could no longer do it. I was done. It wasn’t the food issues. It was the “big” things that I could have a positive effect on. There were two big things for me: Killing animals for no need, and the environment.

If you are ready to question and examine your historical choices as I was, I highly recommend watching What the Health and the predecessor to that movie called, Cowspiracy. You will come away enlightened.

Maybe you’re not now ready to look. We each have the power and we each choose when and how we make use of it, but the main point of this piece is that we each have the power to make a difference even as an individual. We have far more power than we give ourselves credit for and now instead of waiting on the world to change, or even protesting that the world should change, we have the power within to change it in our own lives or keep it the way it is.

Power To The People! You Can’t Lose Your Power. It Is Always There. In Every Choice, You Are Using It. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by choosing how you want to feel today. I wish joy for you, and you, of course, choose as you will.

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