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“Old Beliefs
Do Not Lead You
To New Cheese.”
— Haw, c/o Spencer Johnson, M.D.
“He knew when you change what you believe, you change what you do.” — Haw
It’s amazing how we hang on to certain things as so comfortable, even when they haven’t been serving us for such a long time, we yet believe that it will get better. Of course, it doesn’t and we are confused and somehow paralyzed.
If only we would change our beliefs, we could change and things would be different. But it’s hard to change. Yet, no matter what, old beliefs do not lead you to new cheese.
Old beliefs are okay. Staying where we are is okay. I don’t have the slightest problem with people who are happy where they are. It is those who are not happy with where they are and claiming to want something more or different and yet cling to the old beliefs and therefore are immovable are more of a challenge.
That used to make me crazy. I didn’t understand it. I tried to help, make suggestions, offer advice, suggest reading material and none of it was used. It didn’t make sense.
Now, it is okay. One thing that I’ve learned through much trial and error in my life is that swimming upstream requires so much effort and provides so little results compared to floating downstream. I used to swim upstream with people a lot. Now, I let go very quickly–even mid-sentence sometimes–and float away in peace and harmony.
I’ve learned to be very selfish in that I care far more about what I think and feel than what others do. It’s not that I don’t care, but at the same time, I don’t. Do you know what I mean? I now allow others to have what they want without any insistence that they satisfy me.
“He Had To Admit That The Biggest Inhibitor To Change Lies Within Yourself, And That Nothing Gets Better Until You Change.” — Haw
Spread Some Joy Today–Being willing to consider new thoughts can lead to a far more joyous life. Sometimes they might seem strange and even scary, but that is only because they are different. Be adventurous.
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