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“People think they’re going to start out
in an industry, work for a
little while,
and find instant
They want the
but they don’t want to go
out and chop the wood.”

— Brandon

I just
started another book I just heard about, ordered and received by Brandon Steiner
called, You Gotta Have Balls – How a Kid from Brooklyn Started from Scratch,
Bought Yankee Stadium, and Created a Sports Empire. I haven’t even gotten very
far into the book and it is loaded with gems like the quote above. This quote
came about as a result of remembering a woman that came up to talk to him
after he spoke at an event. She shared her story of how she and another started
a business and had a lot of great ideas, but she didn’t understand why their
ideas weren’t working. They expected results so much faster and it was
frustrating for her. He said that he sees the same kind of thing all the
time–they want the fire, but don’t want to go out and get the wood.
goes on to say, “no matter what business you’re in, it takes many years to
establish a business, build a reputation for yourself, and achieve success.”
Then, he makes it more plain: “If you think you can enter and succeed in a new
industry in only a year or two–you gotta wise up. Because it’s just not going
to happen.”
making it in today’s world market he says, “while I don’t think it’s more
difficult to “make it” today than it was 25 years ago, I do think it’s more
confusing. We read about young tycoons at start-ups like Zappos and LinkedIn,
and we get lost in euphoria when we learn how their companies were instantly
valued in the billions, after being around for only a couple of years. We’re so
starstruck that we fail to consider all the work leading up to those
in the Introduction, he says, “throughout this book, I discuss various habits
and traits necessary to be successful. But I can tell you right now that the
number one requirement, by far, is commitment.
that might be depressing or encrouaging depending on where your head is at, but
I’m sure there are plenty more uncut diamonds of wisdom in this wonderfully
written book. Check it out if you’ve a mind to.

“You Have To Wake Up Every Morning And Look In The Mirror And See Someone
Who’s Committed To Whatever Your Trade Is. You Have To Find Leadership In
Yourself.” — Brandon Steiner

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