Daily Inspiration 9-23-15

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“You wouldn’t choose to dress 
for yesterday’s rain 
if it’s sunny skies today.” 

— Karen Salmansohn 

Early this month I received my The Happy, dammit Daily from Karen Salmonsohn and the quote above leaped off the page at me. Here was her whole short message:

“Don’t allow yesterday’s bad times or bad feelings to influence the thoughts and mood you choose today. You wouldn’t choose to dress for yesterday’s rain if it’s sunny skies today. Well, yesterday’s passed. Today is a brand new sunshiny day. Enjoy!”

Why would we prepare for yesterday’s pain today? Today is a brand new day. It has never been experienced before. It knows nothing of yesterday or tomorrow. Let’s at least see what comes without us giving it a foreign agenda.

Enjoy Your Brand New Day Today! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by letting today evolve on its own.

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