Daily Inspiration 9-23-11

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“I don’t make mistakes.
I make decisions.”

— Terry Minion

This thought came through me today that I don’t make mistakes–I make decisions. I want to emphasize our creative power and that we are creators who are constantly creating and we are doing that through our thinking and through the choices that we make, and those thoughts and choices all have some sort of result. And, that’s it.

Calling it a mistake or a success or anything else is strictly a judgement. Line 100 people up and let them call it what they will, but it is just 100 opinions.

The thing that is usually missing is the acceptance of the creation. It’s not about blame because that is another judgement, but is more along the lines of accepting responsibility for our own thoughts and actions–that we are actually creating our results, circumstances and events most of the time.

There is something very empowering about that acceptance because it demonstrates that we have the power of change within us at all times, which gives us a feeling of being in control instead of out of control. It’s a feeling of being powerful instead of feeling powerless. It develops into a feeling of confidence rather than that of fear.

There Is No Such Thing As A Mistake, Only A Result.

Spread Some Joy Today–Choose love, hope, and joy. That’s as good as it gets.
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