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“Do not let another day go by

where your dedication

to other people’s opinions

is greater than your dedication

to your own emotions.”

— Steve Maraboli

I love people. I love them and appreciate that they have an opinion. And, yet, at the same time, I may have zero interest in hearing it. I used to be so concerned what other people thought about me, what I might say, how I might look, what my house might be like and so on. I gave most of that up. I really don’t care very much, and if it isn’t positive, I don’t even want to hear it.

I walked into a store I haven’t been in after long time–several years in fact. I said hi to the owner and I was glad to see him, but I really couldn’t stay but for a few minutes because he is one of the most negative people I have ever been around. Everything is doom and gloom and going to hell in a hand basket. He’s all about what is wrong and frankly, in the time I spent there, he had nothing positive to say at all. I gave him a bit of my love and left. See ya!

Everyone has opinions. I appreciate that fact. I don’t even mind hearing many of them, but I pick and choose who I will spend my valuable time with–and more important that this–I choose who I will spend my mind and spirituality with.

Generally, when people talk down about things, whether it is in person or on the phone, I do what I can to turn it to a more positive note. If I struggle with that, it will not be for long. I will find a way to get away from them and so keep my own sanity and clarity.

I’ve even been known to hang up on someone getting in my face for something. Oops! Dropped call. Must have been a disruption in the atmosphere. I might call them back. I might not. If I call them back and they go off again. . . oops! must be a signal issue with my cellular service. I am in total control with how I allow people to talk to me, and how long I will listen to anything that I don’t want to hear. It doesn’t matter if I am at work or at home. I am in control.

I used to be in the car business as a sales manager. I remember having one lady with her daughter who was a terror just after she bought a new Camaro. It had only been a week and she was giving me such a hard time. I told her that I would give her all her money back and that she could go somewhere else. That hardly ever happens in the car business by giving all their money back, tax, license, the whole thing. I didn’t want her as a customer and she went somewhere else and I was relieved the whole issue. We sold the car to someone who loved it and the only thing we lost was a terrible customer.

I Always Have Veto Power. And, I Use It. I Highly Recommend It.

Spread Some Joy Today–What you think and how you feel is critical. Choose your joy.

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