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“I don’t feel old.
I don’t feel anything till noon.
That’s when it’s time for my nap.”
— Bob Hope
“I’m saving that rocker for the day
when I feel as old as I really am.”
— Dwight D Eisenhower
I think age is like any other circumstance or thing on which we place judgment.
I was in the bank yesterday making a deposit (I like deposits!) and an older lady came in and was walking slowly and uncomfortably. It wasn’t busy and she didn’t want to walk all the way around through the maze, and asked to come straight to the front and get behind me. I said, “sure. You can get in front of me if you like, I’m not in a hurry.” She said, “No, that’s okay, I’m just old and didn’t want to walk all the way around.” I said, “no problem.” Then she said, “I’m 71 years old and when you’re in your seventies, you have to expect to be tired and have problems.” I looked at her and with a smile, replied, “Why?” She looked a bit puzzled because most people I’m sure just agree with her when she says that. Then, she said, “well, I don’t know. . .” The conversation was over, but she wasn’t getting any of that old and tired stuff from me.
Of course, these common things that we say to others and also say to ourselves are really affirmations. You are as old and tired as you decide you’re going to be and that is it. Age has nothing to do with it. The mind doesn’t age.
I’m a month or so away from 61 years of age and truly I feel 35. I act 35 (only wiser and smarter!). I feel great and I know it is just a decision to feel that way. I just decided many years ago that I wouldn’t get any older than 35. I liked 35 and it was a sweet combination of maturity (some) and spunk. I just decided it was me and it still is today.
I remember asking an old man once how old he was in his head. He was 85 if I remember correctly, but he said that he felt 45. He decided the same thing and just chose a different time–and he looked and acted 45 with a few more wrinkles. I’ve now asked that question to old people many times and the responses are quite telling!
There is no rule that you must act your age, no matter what your mother used to tell you. Make up your own. Keep the one you like best and just live it!
I Am As Young Or Old As I Decide I Am.
Spread Some Joy Today–Start acting YOUR age. Choose the one you want. You can change it later, it’s okay. No rules. You’re in charge!
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