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“God, why do I storm heaven for answers

that are already in my heart?

Every grace I need has already been given me.

Oh, lead me to the Beyond within.”

— Macrina Wieherkehr

I don’t teach, although it is easy to see it that way. What I do, at best, is inspire others to see that which they already knew; to help them remember. That is why I like the idea of how ideas will resonate with each of us. That means simply that it is agreeing with our inner knowing, or you could call it an inner being. When a thing or idea or thought resonates with us, it is a remembering of what we already knew, but perhaps have just covered up for a time.

It’s not as if we are empty vessels in need of being filled with knowledge. I believe that we have all the knowledge we will ever need, but many of us lose track of the pathways to and from that source of wisdom. When something resonates, it reawakens that pathway and inspires us to action.

I read a lot of things from a lot of different sources, not because I need to know the subject. I already know, but I want to teach. I want to help people remember, and it is in the little nuances of how different people express themselves in a subject that sparks inspiration in me to share and teach anew.

A long time ago, I was told that in all of life, there were only three jobs. They are these: 1. Emptying the things that are full. 2. Filling the things that are empty. and, 3. Scratching where it itches. I think in reality that in some respects, I do all three, but in my own mind, I scratch where it itches. We want to be inspired and I want to inspire. It is an itch being scratched.

Knowledge is said to be power. If that is true, then you already have all the power you could ever need. We all could use some help with the inspiration that resonates, then we can take the ball from there.

Be Open To Be Inspired. What Resonates, Inspires.

Spread Some Joy Today–Some may not understand that peace, calmness, and joy are more than compatible. They are one in the same. When you see that person exuding peace and calmness with a smile on their face, you know it is inner joy expressed.

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