Daily Inspiration 9-20-13

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“Attachment to being right creates suffering.

When you have a choice to be right, or to be kind,

choose kind and watch your suffering disappear.”

— Dr. Wayne W Dyer

I love this quote and have tried to follow this advice as I come across situations where I am right, but that is not the best answer. Kindness rules!

Think about it. What happens when we argue our being right position. Even if we win the argument with some disagreeing soul, does that ever cause a good feeling in us? I seriously doubt it. It’s far better to not worry about who is right, what is right. That is all a relative position at best, but by following the love signal of being kind, that always has to leave us with a good feeling, and most often the other at the same time.

Think about those times when you knew you were right and you argued for your righteousness. Remember how you felt, how it appeared that the other felt. Then think of times when you didn’t worry about the righteous position and chose kindness. If that has never happened, then imagine it.

Love Rules. Kindness Rules. Righteousness Is A Rocky Unstable Cliff.

Spread Some Joy Today–Be cool. Chill. Give yourself a break. Settle into some joy.

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