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“Your present circumstances

don’t determine where you can go;

they merely determine where you can start.”

— Nido Qubein

I commuted 52 miles each way for four years. It took just over an hour typically, but on occasion, it would take up to and even a bit over two hours. And, I knew three major ways to get there, so going to plan B was easy enough. There may have been more ways, but three made sense. I’ll bet that you know several ways to get to a place that you may go, whether it is to work or the airport or a friend’s place.

Yet when it comes to things like financial success, a great relationship, or some other important thing like so-called success, we may not even know where to begin. We may get all flustered and disconnected because we don’t have the answers. Confusing the issue is an unknown number of ways that it can be achieved. Where do I start? What do I do next and so on.

We might even think that numerous things have to take place before we can even begin. Not true. I love a story one of my favorite mentors, Jim Rohn told about beginning a sales career. He said to pick up a rock, drop it on the ground and the first person that walks past the rock, say, ‘Sir, you’re the first person to go past the rock!’ and in this way start a conversation out of thin air.

So it is with our travel whether by physical mode or mental mode, we begin wherever we may be at the moment. If I might be deeply in debt, that is as good as any place to get started on a path to financial stability and abundance. If I’m halfway to work and the road slid down the hill, that’s as good as any place to go to the alternate route and safe, albeit, slower timed arrival at work (that actually happened to me one day!).

Whatever the present circumstances, there is always a way through. It may only be a change in how we perceive the current situation that allows us to find peace in the midst of challenges, but we have the power always to come through.

Wherever we may find ourselves, our present circumstances do not determine the outcome unless we choose that. We always have the power where we are right now.

A Very Good Place To Start Is To Be Thankful For Where You Are Right Now. That Will Create A Blessing.

Spread Some Joy Today–Find joy in where you are right now. Celebrate it. Then, if you want to change, do so.

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