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“I’m going to sing today
like it’s the last
I’m ever gonna
— Melanie

got so inspired and thrilled for a few people today and I just love that. I
love running across it and expanding it and rolling around in it. It is pure joy
and fun.

of the places that I find some of these kind of inspirations is on YouTube
watching some of the auditions (especially the first auditions) on the X-Factor
and Britain’s Got Talent. The US X-Factor is good too, but I love the UK version
quote above came from the video below and it just jumped out at me as if it was
the only thing important that she said. It kind of took me by surprise and it
was powerful, or a better way to say that is that, it was full of power. When
you watch the video, if you haven’t seen it already, she comes out meek and just
blows everyone away with a massive spot-on voice and overall performance that
the judges were stunned.
quote got me thinking about effort and what we put into things and what we
expect out of them, and such. She went out there on stage in front of 4,000
people after saying that, “I’m going to sing today like it’s the last time I’m
ever gonna sing.” She’s going to let it all out, not leave anything behind, but
completely go for it.
was thinking that how often we might just do a little, or even do much more, but
we might be leaving so much on the table, in reserve, not giving our all in what
we do, whatever it is that we are doing.
love how Eckhart Tolle says it: “The quality of each step is what matters, and
the getting is secondary. . . then the present moment is not a means to an end.”
This woman put such quality and presence into what she was doing that the result
was obvious to everyone.
another quote that someone shared on facebook today that speaks in a similar
voice: “There are those who have little and give it all. These are the believers
in life and the bounty of life and their coffers are never empty.” — Kahlil
Masson rocked my world tonight. Bravo!

Living Life In Its Fullest!

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