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“They say that nobody is perfect. 
Then they tell you practice makes perfect. 
I wish they’d make up their minds.” 
— Wilt Chamberlain 

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[Classic post from 4-21-15]

As a manager who has had the distinct opportunity to hire many people over the years, I agree with this interesting and oh, so accurate quote:

“The closest to perfection a person ever comes is when he fills out a job application form.” — Stanley J Randall

Even more so, that applies to almost every resume I’ve ever seen. I never hire based on a resume! Never.

So, I was thinking about perfection. Nobody is perfect is a very common quip. It is more often than not used as a shield against other people’s fault-finding. I thought about that phrase, nobody’s perfect. Maybe it’s true. Maybe nobody is perfect.

Yet if that were true, what is all this striving for perfection stuff that is going on all over the planet? Practice?

Then, I thought, well. . . if nobody’s perfect, maybe everybody is perfect. But, then people are always finding fault, especially the outside-looking-in crowd. Bodies come in all sizes, shapes, and so on and so on.

Some say that we will never be perfect, or that there was only one perfect person and he died 2,000 years ago.

All this stuff about perfection is just stuff. It just doesn’t matter. We’re all perfect, or we’re all not perfect, or we will never be perfect, or we all could be perfect if we worked at it hard enough. It’s all simply perspective. Who’s looking, who’s interested, who’s opinion is it? What is their criterion? Who are they to judge? What does it all mean, anyway?

That is all so much work and such a cauldron of stress. Let it go. Let go of the rope. Perfect? Not Perfect? Who cares. Just live. Enjoy yourself. Play with the kids or the dog or cat. Watch a funny movie. Kick back. Have a cocktail. Or herb tea. Eat something delicious. Smell the air. Feel your body. Have more sex. Laugh at work. Sing in the shower. Enjoy yourself, or better said, INjoy yourself.

Find some joy. If there was anything other than love that was perfect, it is being in joy.

Love A Little. Love A Lot. Allow Your Inner Light To Shine Brightly. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Yes. Spread it all over yourself. Roll around in it. Slide down the hill on it. Let it melt on your body. Rock n’ Roll in it.

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