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“No one can create negativity

or stress within you.

Only you can do that

by virtue of how

you process your world.”

— Dr. Wayne W Dyer

I hear people say that they are stressed at their job, or that they are under stress, or that certain people are causing negativity in their lives. Stress has been a huge buzzword for the last 20 years, and it doesn’t seem to go away. In fact, there are billions of dollars spent every year in the relatively new ‘stress relief’ industries created by the hype around the concept of stress. It is commonly depicted as something that comes upon us from others; that is, it is created by others and given to us as if it were some kind of thing that we might give someone.

Stress and negativity are 100% self-inflicted. We give them to ourselves. One hundred percent.

Many years ago, in my twenties, I studied Transactional Analysis. Some might remember it by the Parent, Adult, Child, which was an easy way to understand how we think and react and interact with each other. I studied Eric Berne in What Do You Say After You Say Hello, and Dr. Thomas A Harris in I’m OK–You’re OK, Stan Dale on the radio and more. In all of it there was one theme that goes along with this message today, and it was to ‘own your own feelings.’

I loved that phrase and it taught me to think about that and to realize that my feelings were my own and not caused by someone else. At least I knew it intellectually. Putting it into practice was another thing, but I worked on it and tried to catch myself and remind myself that the other person, whether it was my boss, my wife, family or any other, cannot make me feel anything. Only I can create a feeling within me. It didn’t stop the feelings from feeling lousy or good, but it took the blame away from the other person as the one who caused it in me.

Stress is just a feeling. Surely, that feeling, as with any other feeling, is real and it can create pressure via resistance on our minds and even in our bodies. It can cause our heart to race, blood pressure to rise, and more. Yet, it is still not a thing. It is a thought. It is only a thought in our head and we are creating all of the rest ourselves in response to the thought. Indeed, if everyone on the planet left today, you could still have stress tomorrow. It will be self-inflicted just as it is when everyone is all around.

Want to get rid of stress? Let go of the rope, which is an easy, visual way to say let go of the resistance. As soon as you let go–in that same moment–the stress is gone. Only you can bring it back with another thought and feeling.

First Accept Responsibility For Your Own Creation.

Spread Some Joy Today–Peace. It is also a thought. Wellness. It is also a thought. They are also feelings, and good ones to create on purpose, don’t you think?

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